Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A New Cause Driven Company for Passiflora!

Not Your Average Company

  1. At the end of every month the artisans of Acacia Creations receive their regular monthly salary. (It's standard practice in Kenya to pay an entire month's salary in one single payment at the end of the month).
  2. Throughout the course of a month, our workers are also paid a certain amount for every single piece of jewelry they make. In other words, they receive a percentage of the sale of that item before it's even sold! Depending on the item, they earn between 5 and 15% of the item's wholesale price. This ensures that our workers are paid throughout the month.
In all, our workers earn a wage 5 times higher than the national average in Kenya!! Acacia Creations also covers most medical costs for our employees and their families and we provide lunch daily at our Nairobi studio.
Desert Moonlight Necklace!

Recycled brass accents shimmer like stars set against the cool, somber tones of recycled paper beads. Adjustable from 18 to 22 inches and comes with a handmade cotton jewelry pouch.

 Rare Earth Necklace!

Elegantly natural,  this 28 inch necklace features semi-precious stones with recycled and natural elements finished with warm, brown cotton cord. Comes with a handmade cotton jewelry pouch.
3 Strand Safari Bracelet!

The Safari Collection is back!  This colorful 3 strand bracelet showcases eco-friendly and natural materials from all over the African continent.  Each piece is unque and includes a mix of semi-precious stones, recycled glass, amber, brass, ostrich eggshell and much more.   Adjustable up to 7.5  inches and comes with a cotton jewelry pouch. Handmade at our fair trade studio in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Calypso Recycled Paper Stretch Necklace.

A single 20" elastic strand of colorful recycled paper beads is the perfect layering piece for any look. Handmade in Kenya. 

Unity Necklace! 

  This brand new necklace combines all the best recycled elements!  In each 24 inch linked necklace, you will find recycled magazine paper beads, recycled glass and ostrich eggshell with silver accents.  Comes with a cotton jewelry pouch.

Soda Can Elephant!

These fun figurines are the ultimate eco-friendly decorations! They are handmade in Kenya from recycled aluminum cans and bound with unused telephone wire. Elephant stands approximately 3 inches tall and is 6 inches long

Soda Can Standing Giraffe!

This fun decoration is the ultimate eco-friendly piece!  It is handmade in Kenya from recycled aluminum cans and bound with unused telephone wire.  Stands approximately 14 inches tall.  Each giraffe is unique and colors will vary depending on the can used.