Saturday, March 14, 2015

J. Crew! Right in our own Backyard!

Sunday with… Frank, 
in his garden

At his weekend home in Hillsdale, 

New York, our men’s designer Frank 

(with a little help from his dog, Dutch) 

enjoys focusing on one of his favorite 

pastimes: gardening.

“As soon as I bought my home here, I immersed myself in every gardening book I could lay my hands on. It’s a very calming process that allows me to forget 
everything around me.” 

“Right now, I’m growing all kinds of beans and peas, carrots and potatoes. I also created a flower bed to add some color and attract hummingbirds. I love it when everything looks rambling and coincidental.” 

“As soon as I open the front door to the house, my style goes out the window! It’s nice to not think about what I’m wearing since I do so much of that during the week. Most days I wear pretty much the same thing: a white T-shirt and dirty chinos with an old fleece jacket when it gets cold.”