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After Christmas Sale!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Small Business Saturday: Shop, Save and Help Local Businesses

The American Express OPEN initiative will provide free advertising for small retailers and rewards for consumers on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Shop till you drop: American Express OPEN's Small Business Saturday will reward consumers who shop at local retailers the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, the holiday shopping season is almost in full swing. Now small retailers have a special sales promotion day all their own to promote holiday spending: Small Business Saturday.

American Express OPEN has dubbed Nov. 27 -- the Saturday after Thanksgiving -- Small Business Saturday. The initiative seeks to drive shoppers to local merchants across the United States, in hopes of helping them create jobs, boost the economy and increase revenues for their communities.

Over the past 20 years, 65 percent of net new jobs have been created by the nation's small businesses -- at last count, 28 million strong, according to the Small Business Administration. The 3/50 Project, a small-business advocacy group, says for every $100 spent in locally owned, independent stores, $68 goes back to the community in the form of taxes, payroll and other expenditures. Small Business Saturday is an effort to keep that money in the community.

Small Business Saturday is designed to benefit consumers, too. American Express has launched a national campaign to promote Small Business Saturday, along with campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, driving consumers and business owners to, where they can participate in several ways:
  • American Express is giving $25 statement credits to 100,000 card holders who register their cards and use them to shop on Small Business Saturday at locally owned, independent small businesses that accept American Express.
  • American Express will give $100 of free Facebook advertising to 10,000 business owners who sign up at to help build online buzz about the event. The personalized, geo-targeted ads will run on Facebook in the days before Nov. 27. Facebook has donated $500,000 in Facebook credits for these small-business owners to use in the future.
  • Small-business owners can download online promotional materials and use social media tools to promote their businesses for Small Business Saturday.
"Small business is among the sectors hardest hit by the recession," Kenneth Chenault, chairman and CEO of American Express, said in announcing the initiative. "By spreading the word about Small Business Saturday, we can help raise awareness about the critical role small businesses play in cities and towns across the country at a time when they need support the most."

In addition to American Express OPEN, the Small Business Saturday initiative is supported by more than a dozen advocacy, public and private organizations, including The 3/50 Project, Facebook, The National Trust for Historic Preservation's Main Street Center, The National Association of Women Business Owners, SCORE, and Yelp.

For more information on the initiative and to download tools, visit or

Sunday, November 14, 2010


...the perfect Holiday Gift for the "Smoker" in your life!

Our Starter Kit contains everything you need to Green Smoke.

It includes:

1 Short lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette battery with Green Tip Lights Red
1 Long lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette battery with Green Tip Lights Red
1 USB home charger kit (includes USB adapter and wall adapter) (100-240VAC)
5 Nicotine cartridges (Tobacco M Red Label 8mg or NEW Intro Pack see below for details)
1 Green Smoke electric cigarette manual

Green Smoke electric cigarettes consist of only two pieces, the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge contains a solution of nicotine and water vapor. It has a built in atomizer, which means that there is no cleaning or maintenance required. The battery is designed to optimize the perfect balance between usage time and weight. Just screw them together and puff! This will activate the heating element, and you will inhale steam with nicotine and tobacco flavor. Each cartridge should last you about 110-180 puffs – the equivalent of at least a pack of tobacco cigarettes! You'll know when a cartridge is used up when the flavor becomes weak and has a burnt taste. Just screw off the old and screw on the new -that’s it! You’ll know that it is time to recharge the battery when the light blinks.

Allow 2-3 hours for the battery to charge.

Cigarette Dimensions and Weight:

Short Battery
Length (Cartridge+Battery) : 98 mm (3.9 inches)

Weight (Cartridge+Battery) : 14 g
Long Battery
Length (Cartr
idge+Battery) : 112 mm (4.46 inches)

Weight (Cartridge+Battery) : 15.5 g

The Starter Kit also includes a USB home charger kit. You can plug it into any outlet or can charge it off a USB port on any computer.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette – Don’t Be A Smoker, Be A Green Smoker

Green Smoke electronic cigarette is one of the best e-cig brands on the market today. Not only you will get a brand new experience when smoking, these e-cigarettes are not harmful to your lungs. It is Tar free and Carbon monoxide free which will give you a smooth and fresh feeling when smoking.

With the new Green Smoke electronic cigarette, you can start quitting slowly by taking a step by step progress. First, switch to the electronic cigarette, then choose the Nicotine free option, and so on. Even though it is not a quit smoking aid, I’ve seen people managed to get rid of this habit in just a couple months.

Since the smoking ban become effective, many smokers like us are not allowed to smoke in bars, restaurants, office buildings or even airports. It is a hassle to run around and find a smoking spot. Smokers are treated unequally because of the effects that we created to others around. We will no longer have these problems with the new electric cigarettes.

With the new Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, there is no more concern about second-hand smoking because the e-cigarette doesn’t create real smoke. There is also no odor left on clothes or mouth and no effect on people around you. It’s also a lot more healthy for your lungs because there is no Tar and Carbon monoxide.

green smoke electronic cigaretteWhat Makes Green Smoke The Best Electronic Cigarette Of Choice?

green smoke electronic cigarettes

Green Smoke is becoming a well-known and desired electronic cigarette. It is my favorite cigarette since the day I decide to quit smoking regular tobacco. The Green Smoke sale reps were doing a great job and making the Green Smoke cigarettes by putting right proportion together. They offer solid products as well as reliable customer services.

If you compare Green Smoke with other available electronic cigarettes in the market you will see that the green smoke cigarette price is little bit higher. But concerned to the quality based on product and service you can bear the cost. They are offering a whole package of different nicotine levels (five), flavors (eight), chargers (three for home, PC and car), battery sizes (two) and also a plug in system attached to cartridge holder which can be used in any USB port.

There is a big difference between Green Smoke electronic cigarettes and other electronic cigarette brands. That is the Green Smoke electronic cigarette has only 2 parts and don’t have an extra atomizer. Its atomizer is build in the cartridge. So when you refill a new cartridge you will get a new atomizer. This is a really cool and suitable feature to make your experience a whole lot easier.

You can get several starter kits for several price levels in Green Smoke. We reccommend using the general starter kit consisting two batteries with a sampler.


green smoke electronic cigaretteBasic Starter Kit is the best Green Smoke cigarette product for the money that includes a USB & home charger, 2 batteries (short and long lithium ion rechargeable), 1 user manual, and 5 refill nicotine cartridges. It is the most popular package for any beginners who are experiencing with the new electric cigarettes. The price for this package is $139.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hummingbird feeders run the gamut from simple and effective to works of art that match their feathered customers with their beauty, detail and color. Blown-glass hummingbird feeders are favored styles, with their bright, sparkling color and soft, curving lines.

These feeders are the synthesis of style and function. Parasol is a leading designer and manufacturer of glass hummingbird feeders. Their styles are among the most beautiful in the industry. Known for vintage style and delicate details, these hummingbird feeders can dress up any backyard or garden.

Many feature red crystal droplets that dangle from the feeder to attract hummers. You can create a breathtaking centerpiece in your garden by hanging one of Parasol's hummingbird chandeliers, or plant a unique version of a standard flower garden with their stake-mounted "blossoms."

History of hummingbird feeders

No one knows for certain how long people have been trying to attract hummingbirds to their gardens. Perhaps for as long as mankind has had an appreciation for beauty. The hummingbird has definitely been around for a long while. Fossilized humming bird remains recently found in Germany date back 30 million years! Today, hummingbirds only exist in the new world. With their lightning speed and jewel like iridescent feathers they have always captured man’s imagination. One of the mysterious geoglyphs, (huge pictures etched into the silt on the Nazca Plain of Peru), is a hummingbird. So vast that it is only visible from the air, this hummingbird dates back to 200BC -600AD and is surely the world’s largest hummingbird.

The first commercial hummingbird feeder was introduced in 1950 by the Audubon Novelty Company of Medina, New York. It was a glass tube type of feeder and immediately became popular in the U.S. It was designed by Laurence J. Webster of Boston, as a gift for his wife, who had read an article in a 1928 edition of The National Geographic Magazine. The story mentioned that it was possible to feed hummingbirds from a small glass bottle. Webster designed a feeder and had it produced by a glassblower at MIT. The August, 1947 edition of National Geographic Magazine featured an article by Harold Edgerton who, using his newly invented strobe flash, photographed hummingbirds at Webster’s feeder. The rest, as they say, is history. Considering Webster’s success, men should listen more closely to their wives!

Modern hummingbird feeders

During the 50 plus years that have followed the introduction of that first feeder, many styles and designs have come and gone. Today, feeders are usually made of ceramic, glass, plastic, or a combination of these materials. For the most part, they are divided into two types, bowl feeders and bottle feeders.

Here are some important considerations when selecting a hummingbird feeder;

  • Color is important. Red is the color of choice. Most of the flowers that are the hummingbird’s natural source of nectar are red, pink, or coral colored.

  • Select a feeder that offers the hummingbird a perch. While hummingbirds normally hover in front of a flower during feeding, they much prefer to rest as they feed. While they stay at an individual flower for mere seconds, gathering the little nectar that is there, they will stay at the feeder until they have drunk their fill. Treat them to a sit-down meal.

  • A feeder with a bottle reservoir protects the nectar from bacterial infection, contamination from insects and spoilage. This is important to protect the hummingbird’s health.

  • Select a feeder that is easy to disassemble, clean and refill. Maintaining a supply of fresh, clean nectar is vitally important to the well being of your hummingbirds.

  • Choose a feeder that has an ant moat, or similar device to keep insects from contaminating the nectar in your feeder.

  • Fancy glass and ceramic feeders are attractive, but due to their design they are difficult to clean and tend to drip, which attracts bees, ants and wasps. These insects can become trapped in the feeder, contaminating the nectar.

  • The National Audubon Society recommends cleaning your feeder once a week. To clean your feeder use ¼ cup of white vinegar to 1 cup of water. After cleaning, rinse the feeder 3 times with fresh water.

Placement of your Feeder

Where you hang your feeder is almost as important as which feeder you choose. Here are some tips about hummingbird feeder placement.

  • Put your feeder where it will be noticed by the hummingbirds and will be easily accessible to them. Do not be concerned if the birds don’t show up immediately. Hummingbirds are extremely inquisitive. They will find it.

  • If possible, do not put your feeder close to your window. They may injure themselves by flying into the glass. If you have no other option, place pictures, or decals, of larger birds on your window to prevent the hummingbirds from getting too close.

  • Definitely place your feeder where you can see it. The antics of these tiny miracles of nature are better than anything you will see on cable TV – unless you are watching a show about hummingbirds.

  • If you replace your old feeder with a new one leave the old one hanging empty next to the new feeder for a while, until the hummingbirds recognize it as a new source of food.

Humming Bird Feeders …

7 Important Dos and Don’ts about Hummingbird Food

As I mentioned before, the nectar in your feeder is intended to be a supplement to the hummingbird’s diet. It provides the birds with a much needed fuel stop. They will come to trust your feeder as a safe place to visit during their nonstop search for food. There are a few things you should know before you fill your feeder.

Recipe for hummingbird nectar

1 cup white, granulated sugar,

4 cups, fresh, hot water. Tap water is fine (boiling is not necessary).

Stir in the sugar until it has completely dissolved. Let the mixture cool before using.

NOTE: Extra mixture can be kept, refrigerated, for a period of time.

  • Do not use commercially prepared hummingbird liquids sold as “Hummingbird nectar”, or “Hummingbird food”. They contain preservatives that may actually prove harmful to the birds. A mixture you can make in less than a minute, in your own kitchen, will be better, safer, and less expensive.

  • Do not add food color to your mixture. It can be harmful to the birds. Let the feeder itself provide the color.

  • Do not use brown sugar, confectioner’s sugar, raw sugar, or turbinado sugar to make your syrup. Confectioner’s sugar contains corn starch that can cause the syrup to ferment quickly. Brown sugar and raw sugars contain iron and can prove deadly to hummingbirds over a period of time.

  • Do not use honey to prepare your mixture. Although honey is made by bees, from nectar gathered from flowers, the sugar it contains is not as palatable to hummingbirds as plain granulated sugar. Additionally, honey promotes the growth of microorganisms that can be dangerous to your hummingbirds.

  • Do make your own “hummingbird food”. Let your children, or grandchildren help you. It can be an experience they will treasure throughout their lives.

  • Do use only white, granulated sugar in your mixture. The birds will thank you for it.

  • Do clean your feeder and change the mixture frequently, even if there is still some nectar left. This will keep your birds healthy and happy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lotus, Love Beauty

When we went to Our first Gift Show more than a Year and a Half ago, there were many things that we wanted to carry in Passiflora. It would have been wonderful to have the Space to fit all of the things that we Love under one roof. Someday!

Love, Lotus Beauty was one of those Products we just had to have! Unfortunately, when we got Home and sorted through the hundreds of Catalogs that we had collected, we had to make some tough choices. It was sad for us to have to wait for
some of the things that we loved!

It only got more difficult the second and third show because in order to get something new, we had to let go of some of the things that had gotten us to where we are and that we had grown attached to.

Well, finally we have made room for a line that we adore and that we think has been missing from our shop. You will be hooked on this amazing product and the Love and Purpose behind it. It's not very often that we make a purchase that makes us feel good and look beautiful and yet, is dedicated to celebrating inner peace and beauty with a desire to initiate positive change in the world.

Lotus, Love Beauty is a collection of natural herbal and floral beauty bars, bath salts, bath oils, body lotions and candles. The finest ingredients from around the world have been united to accentuate inner beauty through aromatherapy and traditional ayurvedic & yogic philosophies.

All of their products are handmade in small batches, using the most pure and exotic oils, herbs, botanicals and spices. Inspired by the motherland of the Holy Cow, our products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals.

Lotus, Love Beauty is brought to you by The Shanti Project, a grassroots cooperative dedicated to celebrating inner peace and beauty with a desire to initiate positive change in the world. A portion of each Lotus Love Beauty product sold supports The Shanti Project.

Love, Lotus Beauty gives back to the global community by sharing a portion of the profits and offering their customers the opportunity to feel good about their purchase. By being more collectively conscious: aware of our
thoughts, words, actions and energies—we can make a difference. So go ahead... accentuate your inner beauty!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Q was the name Mitch and Seth made up for their lighting company in 1988. Yep. Lighting. Seth says, "We were headed to the annual world's largest lighting show in Milan and we needed business cards." Blue Q was hatched in a few minutes.

We never made lights, we made cardboard cats. So....that's it! "Blue Q" means nothing! Turned out to be a good thing considering all the products we have made and sold over the years.

Everything is made very Carefully and thoughtfully. And with the VERY BEST QUALITY

(you'll notice that sentiment is on everything we make). Look, we all know that there is an unethical way to manufacture a water bottle, to sew a bag. We don't do that. We couldn't. We have a beautiful and long history with manufacturing our goods the right way.

So if you ever had any questions about our factory standards overseas, environmentally responsible manufacturing, the way we look at employees, labor practices and wages you can rest assured that it is the Very Best Quality. We don't compromise when manufacturing something that is affordable and desirable. We just want you to be happy.

We do everything for you.



The iconic sign, redesigned by Aesthetic Apparatus. 9.5"w x 7.25"h. 95% recycled post consumer material has a crushed, wrinkled look when sewn into Zipper Pouches. This is normal for the high recycled content. We love the earth.

Silkscreened eye-candy made possible only by the very good gentlemen of Aesthetic Apparatus. Made of 95% post consumer recycled material. 27.5" w x 13.75" h.

From the magical winged archives of Roy Fox. Made with 95% post consumer recycled material, a roomy exterior pocket and shoulder length straps

You are so toasted. Art by 64 Colors. 9.5"w x 7.25"h. 95% recycled post consumer material has a crushed, wrinkled look when sewn. It's all normal for the high recycled content. Feels good to be so good.

Why use that fake evil corporate soap "stuff" when our real handmade olive oil soap feels so good? Literally bursting with freshness, ultra moisturizing and mild, scented with real essential oils the way Mother Nature intended. Featuring cold pressed olive oil, wild and organic herbs, only safe natural ingredients and sustainable business practices ... we make it easy to be clean & green!

Passionflower relieves anxiety as it calms frayed nerves, while organic oat flour soothes and softens your skin. A relaxing ylang ylang essential oil blend completes the spell.

Wild Weeds Soap is filled with soothing cucumber essential oil, organic aloe vera, French green clay, and skin-loving wild chickweed & plantain. . . used for centuries to treat all sorts of skin problems. The fresh green scent is light and uplifting. Available in a body balm too!

Scented with a fir needle essential oil blend and scattered with ground cedarwood, this scrubby textured bar is sure to please the outdoor lover with its fresh forest scent. Some consider this a guy soap, but plenty of women love it too!

Exfoliating wild mesquite bean meal and skin soothing oatmeal enrich this scrubby tan bar scented with a warm and earthy patchouli essential oil blend.

Our mesquite beans are sustainably harvested in rural areas of Mexico where economic options are few, pairing the conservation of native mesquite woodlands with economic prosperity for the locals.

Experience you can trust.

This is a wild soap bar.

We're absolutely positive you'll love our natural soap!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

OLD ROUTE 22 DOG RUN...It's Open this weekend!

Well, it took a bit longer than anticipated but the
Old Route 22 Community Dog Run at Roeliff Jansen Park
will be open for our dog friends this weekend with a little opening get together on Sunday.

Please join us this
Sunday ( July 18th )
at 10AM
for the "Doggies and Doughnuts" (soft opening)
of Columbia County's newest (and only) community dog run.

It has been over a year since we began our campaign for the dog run. Through the
generosity of community dog lovers, through the energy and support of the Roeliff Jansen Park
Steering Committee, volunteers and donors, it came to be! let's have some fun! Woof!

A few details about the dog run:

1 - Location -It is located south of the park entrance, parallel to Route 22...almost across from the new library.

2 - Parking -all visitors to the park and the dog run must use the main parking lot at the park entrance area.

3 - Water - we hope eventually to be able to offer running water for the dog run but it is not ready as yet ...
so be sure to bring water for your dog.

4 - Small Friends Area - we have constructed a separate area at the front of the run for small dogs and puppies.
Dogs over 25 pounds are not permitted to use the area.

5 - Poop Policy - Two poop stations are provided in the dog run and one in the main parking lot. It is essential that visitors pick up after their dogs and deposit waste in the receptacles. Poop trash bags will be provided while they is always good to have a back up.

6 - Shade...there is lots of wonderful shade and we have provided a few sitting areas.

7 - Reminder/Leashes - Dogs must be on the leash outside the dog run at all times.

8 - Gates...there are double gates to get into the dog sure to always to close the gates behind you.

9 - Volunteer Dog Run - This is a volunteer dog run and help in any way would be most appreciated, including help with poop bag removal. To become a volunteer write to us

If WE ALL cooperate, we will ENJOY a healthy, safe environment.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Historic House Tour

You are invited to join us for the
Second Annual
Hillsdale Historic House Tour
July 31, 2010
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
to benefit the Hillsdale Preservation Committee

Click Here to Download Ticket Form

Stroll a street with 19 Historic Register properties and tour at least five of them.
Enjoy talks about the street and houses.

Tour to include:

* an 1855 Greek Revival, expanded in the 1860’s to be home to two related families
* an 1825 house built in the Federal period with Classical features
* an 1828 Federal home built onto a late 1700’s farmhouse,
* an 1867 Gothic Revival built by Levi Zeh, a prominent citizen
* an 1892 Queen Anne style building used as a law office continuously since built

Show your ticket at selected Hillsdale restaurants on the day of the tour for a
special house tour discount. (List to be available soon.)

Proceeds will go to the Historic Preservation Committee to continue its work to
protect the historic character of the town of Hillsdale.

Will-call for tickets at the Masonic Temple at 57 Coldwater Street opens at
10:30 am on the day of the tour.

Parking at Herrington’s on White Hill Lane.

For more information, call 518-325-1498

------------------------cut along dotted line, save above portion for your records---------------

Please fill out this form and send with payment to the address below.
Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________
Phone number: __________________________
email address:___________________________

____ Regular tickets @ $20 per person. CHECK MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 28
($25 if purchased on day of tour)

____ Patron tickets @ $100 per person
Includes house tour, and entry to private patron’s cocktail party on Saturday July 17

____ Sponsor tickets @ $150 per person
Includes, house tour, entry to private patron’s cocktail party on Saturday July 17, and name or
business listed in all printed material at event CHECK MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 14 TO

The cost of the tickets is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law

$___________Total amount enclosed

Sponsors, please print how you want to be listed ___________________________________________________

Make checks payable to the HECDC, and mail to: HECDC, POB 305, Hillsdale, NY 12529

Please note on your check “HOUSE TOUR”

Friday, June 4, 2010

Italy of my Dreams

The Story of an American Designer’s Real Life Passion for Italian Style
By Matthew White


Italy of my Dreams is the expansive culmination of designer Matthew White’s adoration of the art and architecture of Italy. What began as the childhood pursuit of "tiny bits of Eden" in Amarillo, Texas and developed into a deep personal connection with the art and architecture of Italy. Full of theatrical, bold exteriors, and interiors adorned with classical flourishes, each featured project is a unique testament to the designer’s appreciation of Italian design. Worn reclaimed beams complement sweeping Venetian doors, lush rooftop gardens recall the Southern Italian countryside – these are modern spaces steeped in an historic sensibility, yet free of replication or pastiche. While the locations change – from California Villas to a Palazzo in New York City – the designer’s passion remains true, making Italy of My Dreams an intimate inspirational celebration of Italian style.

About the Author

Interior designer and author, Matthew White was selected as one of the “AD 100” (Architectural Digest’s list of the 100 best designers in the world). Rather than being known for a specific look, he creates something new with every project. His passion for history is clearly evident in his work, while his partnership with Frank Webb (a modernist) presents a refreshing blend of old and new. Although their projects are stylistically diverse, there is a consistent sensibility within the work – warmth, comfort, beauty, quality and a keen interest in lasting design.

Matthew White’s intrinsic fascination with a broad spectrum of periods and cultures was further enhanced by his own colorful, personal history. Unlike many of his designer peers, he was not raised among priceless antiques nor mentored by a world-famous designer. Instead, he got his start at Tumbleweed Trailer Park in Amarillo, Texas. It was in these early years that he showed an irrepressible passion for the arts and learned the value of hard work.

As a young adult, Matthew bucked tradition by pursuing a career in dance. In 1978 he was accepted into the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York City. During his training at the school, he worked in an antiques shop where he continued to cultivate his education in period styles. He went on to dance professionally for five years with the Los Angeles Ballet. Touring the world with the ballet company, he learned first-hand about a variety of European and Asian styles. After leaving the theatre he had a successful career in graphic design. But it was in 1989 that he returned to his first love and opened an antiques shop in Pasadena, California. The nearly ten years of owning Matthew White Antiques proved to be a period of great artistic growth, allowing for a deeper understanding of the world of decorative arts. It wasn’t long before the collectors who frequented his shop insisted that Matthew design the rooms in which his treasures would be placed.

Now, as an experienced practitioner, Matthew White gives lectures on design, historic styles and the use of antiques in the home. He has been featured in nearly every major shelter magazine. In 2004 he joined forces with Frank Webb to form White Webb, LLC, and in 2006 the design duo were named among the “New Tastemakers - 50 for the Future of Design” by House & Garden.

In addition to his interior design work, Matthew White is involved in various philanthropic causes. He is the President of Save Venice Inc. – an American non-profit that restores superb examples of Venetian art and architecture. He is also on the Historic Preservation Committee for the hamlet of Hillsdale, NY. Matthew recently completed his first book titled Italy of my Dreams – An American Designer’s Real Life Passion for Italian Style.

Design / Style
Published April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9823585-2-8
192 Pages / Over 200 Color Illustrations

$65 USD

Friday, May 21, 2010

Please Help Susana and Her Family.


Baby Gassy Gooma is organizing an ebay auction for Susana Whittaker, a precious 4-year-old girl who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma on April 21, 2010, which is an aggressive cancer that has already spread to her bones, liver, chest and spine.

auction will take place:
May 20-30, 2010

We need your help! We welcome your participation! Open involvement is extended to any business owner, creative artist, book author, clothing designer, jewelry maker, photographer, musician, anyone with a loving heart who can "donate" anything, whether it be a product, photoshoot, books, clothing, painting, a gift certificate, etc., etc.

100% proceeds will go directly to The Whittakers to help with Susana's medical costs.

If interested in participating, please contact us along with a description of what you would be interested in donating.

Thanks for caring!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Books

Our Latest Books!

"The Adventures of Charlie & Moon" is a fantasy for children about a boy named Charlie who opens his birthday present the night before his ninth birthday and the consequences that follow. Moon is a young eagle who needs Charlie’s help to stop an evil toymaker from turning all the eagles and endangered species into stuffed toys. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon takes children on a wild ride through the imaginary Shire of Tumblegum to stop the evil toymaker, Skunk Weavel from achieving his wicked ways.

What People Are Saying

Kat Goddard from The New England Booksellers Association calls The Adventures of Charlie & Moon "charming... especially welcome to younger fans of the Harry Potter books... has the classic feel and lovely language of Tolkien but with plenty of contemporary bits..."

Jana Laiz, award-winning author of Weeping Under This Same Moon, calls The Adventures of Charlie & Moon ...maniacally funny, disgustingly hilarious... like Roald Dahl in all his wicked glory..."

Martin Meader was the Co-Executive Producer/Co-Story Writer of the 1997 film, Paradise Road, which starred Cate Blanchett, Glenn Close, Frances McDormand and Pauline Collins. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon is in development to be a feature film.

"A Free Woman On God's Earth" - by Jana Laiz and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes, Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

"A Free Woman On God's Earth" is a juvenile biography for ages 8 and up containing over 40 illustrations. It is the story of Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman, the enslaved African woman who had the courage and conviction to speak what was in her heart, suing for her freedom in a Massachusetts court of law. In gaining her own freedom, she set the stage for the abolition of slavery in Massachusetts in 1783. An engaging history that fulfils the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for third, fourth and fifth grades in the categories of Local Biography, Local History, Revolutionary War Heroes.

What People Are Saying

John Sedgwick, New York Times bestselling author of In My Blood says, "With her soulful pride and majestic grace, Mumbet is a woman of lovely paradox. Jana Laiz and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes have captured that and more in this lively and moving account of Mumbet's impressive life, a book that is sure to bring yet another generation of readers and citizens into the thrall of this great American heroine."

E.B. Lewis, Coretta Scot King Award winning children's book illustrator, says, "I believe in the cause! We have to get these stories out to the children. We cannot let this legacy die! Wonderfully told!"

Wray Gunn, Board of Directors African American Heritage Trail calls "A Free Woman on God's Earth," "...a fascinating presentation on the facts of Mumbet's life. ...easy to read with the story line presented in a straight forward way. ...exciting passages that I reread a second time ..."

"A Free Woman On God's Earth" by Jana Laiz and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes is a beautifully told history of one of the bravest woman to grace the American landscape. Told with sensitivity and love, this story will have children wanting to learn more about the unsung heroes and heroines who shaped the course of history. "A Free Woman On God's Earth" is about the power of one voice and the triumph of the human spirit. I highly recommend this book for children and teachers." Martin Meader, Author of The Adventures of Charlie & Moon, and The Co-Executive Producer/Co-Story Writer Paradise Road.

Weeping Under This Same Moon - by Jana Laiz

Weeping Under This Same Moon, by Jana Laiz is based on the true story of two teenage girls from different cultures, whose paths intertwine, dramatically altering the course of their lives. Mei is an artist whose life has been disrupted by the Vietnam War. Her anguished parents send her away on a perilous escape during the exodus of thousands of Vietnamese refugees known as "Boat People." In Mei's words we learn of the dangers she faces caring for her two younger siblings on a sea journey fraught with hunger, thirst and deprivation, leaving behind everything she loves, to find refuge for her family.

Hannah is an angry seventeen-year-old American high school student. Friendless, neurotic, a social misfit - her passion for writing and the environment only intensify her outcast state. Through Hannah's voice, we get inside her head, there to discover a gentle soul beneath all the anger and turmoil. When Hannah learns of the plight of the "Boat People," she is moved to action.

Destiny brings Mei and Hannah together in a celebration of cultures and language, food and friendship, and the ultimate rescue of both young women from their own despair. Weeping Under This Same Moon is a testament to the power of love and the spirit of volunteerism; affirming that doing for others does so much for one's self...

What People Are Saying
"Through the story of these Vietnamese children and the American girl who befriends them, Jana Laiz shows us how faith and courage can overcome the worst hardship. One comes out of this beautifully written book feeling uplifted, reminding us that hope always springs eternal for all the children of the world."
- Emmanuel Dongala, award-winning Author of "Little Boys Come From the Stars," and "Johnny Mad Dog."

"Weeping Under This Same Moon", by Jana Laiz, is a stunning achievement written with uncanny sympathy and intuition from the complementary perspectives of two teenage girls - one a Vietnamese refugee, the other a passionate yet unhappy American high school student - the book vividly portrays very different yet intersecting worlds. It is a moving, heartwarming, even inspiring book. I recommend it enthusiastically to readers of all ages and in particular to young adults."
-George Rupp, President, The International Rescue Committee

"Weeping Under This Same Moon" by Jana Laiz is an exquisitely told story of the power of love and friendship during a turbulent time in history. Told with warmth, humor and sensitivity, Jana Laiz brings to life two young women from disparate cultures with unique voices and personalities that readers will come to care deeply about. Weeping... stays with you long after you have read the last word. It is an inspiring book not only for young people, but for anyone wishing to see what can happen by the simple act of reaching out. It will make a GREAT movie!" -Martin Meader, Co-Executive Producer/Co Story Writer of Paradise Road. Author of "The Adventures of Charlie & Moon."

""Weeping Under The Same Moon” is a touching young-adult novel by Berkshire author Jana Laiz. Based on true events, it outlines the eventual meeting of two teenage girls, Hannah and Mei, as they navigate the social fallout of the end of the Vietnam War. We follow several months of their lives as fate slowly draws them together and along the way discover the value within their unassuming presences in a highly turbulent period."
Berksire Eagle, Reviewed by Jody Kordana.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary Passiflora!

It's hard to believe it has been a Year already.

We have met so many wonderful new people and some of them have become Friends. We never expected the warm response that we have gotten!

Thank You for supporting us and making us feel a part of this Wonderful Community!

We hope we can be here to celebrate many more Anniversaries with you!

Love and Thanks,
Ken and Kevin