Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 2 of the NYIGF! Day 2 was so much fun! We had the chance to see more of our Friends that have been a part of Passiflora and some Friends that we have finally been able to bring into the Family!

I want to start with a couple of our Favorite finds! First is Dolan Geiman. Such a Talented Artist and so nice and really made it easy for us to be able to bring his art to Passiflora.

Since childhood, Dolan Geiman has been building an archive of found materials that inspire his mixed media artworks on a daily basis. His Chicago studio has come to resemble a life-size cabinet of Southern curiosities, not too dissimilar from the abandoned homesteads of his native Virginia where he has collected, or rescued, many treasures. Scraps from old textbooks and nature magazines, handwritten civil war love letters, metal ornaments, wooden nickels and other discarded ephemera find their way into his work; each item stirs nostalgia for a not-too-distant, more rural time and place Geiman identifies as home.

Dolan Geiman Original Mixed Media Collections are limited-edition and ongoing mixed media series. Each mixed media work is handmade and unique, featuring a slightly different composition for each member of the collection.

Virginia Den Collection

Trilliums Collection

Tell me this isn't the most perfect Art for Passiflora! You are crazy talented Dolan! Thanks for letting us be a part of your experience.

Next is Jill Schwartz! We LOVE Jill! We love her jewelry too!

Elements, Jill Schwartz earrings are artfully handcrafted, and wonderfully balanced collage and assemblage jewelry.

The jewelry that Elements Jill Schwartz designs, are a natural synthesis of her training as a graphic and interior designer.

They incorporate her love and knowledge of ancient and ethnic arts.
We can't wait to see them in our Shop!

And finally we met Lily and her Brother Jordan. They had such a great Booth!

It was clear that they were talented and creative and that they had heart and passion.

We had so much respect for Lily in the first few moments that we met her. If you believe in Energy in Objects, then these will possess incredible, positive, loving waves of it!

Lily's fascination with clay comes not only from its earthy gritty characteristics, but also from its contrasting beauty and simplicity. She has uniquely combined these elements to design and create her dream come true, Lily Pottery.

Each piece in her collection is a wearable, handcrafted work of art. The beauty of her art is how the combination of the clay glaze and firing process ensure exclusive individuality of each piece.

Her passion and goal is to design an original, fashionable line of jewelry that is aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to wear.

She has!
Great to meet you Both!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coming this Spring!

Ken and I have had our first long day of walking the Gift Show!
We have found some amazing things! We decided to post the items that we have purchased so that you can be as excited as we are!

Items will be arriving as early as next week and as late as May! If there is something you love, please let us know so that we can add to our current order or set it
aside for you when you come in next.

Today we decided to do the Piers. The Piers have been our favorite because they are smaller and more intimate. It's easier to navigate and some of our favorite lines are shown there. This Show was no different. We found some amazing things! We can't post everything, but we will post as many great finds as we can!

Since 2004 Chive has consistently delivered fresh, innovative and simplistic designs to showcase the individual beauty of the flower. Often dubbed as the “antithesis” of old-school of Dutch floristry, Chive’s elegant vases easily compliment any setting, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

This Bud Vase holds 12 of your favorite Stems!

These Bud Vases look like Pebbles. They come in 3 sizes. Show them together as a centerpiece on your Dining Table or Coffee Table or place them individually in the Bathroom or on a Nightstand.
These Hanging Tea Lights come in Green and White, Blue and White, or White on White. Hang them from your Deck Umbrella or from the branches of a tree!

This square Vase has Trees on all four sides. It will pair nicely with some of the posts you will see later.

Christopher Marley's graceful arrangements of jewel-like arthropods make converts of those who have seen insects as creepy--these are stunning works of art, his delicate butterfly assemblages sublime.

Marley's keen eye for design combines with his entomological education to produce mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic bug mandalas and striking up-close-and-personal single-insect portraits. The iridescent colors of beetle shells and moth wings are his pigments in a seemingly endless brilliant palette.

Each gorgeous creation is identified with its scientific and common names, and many are accompanied by concise descriptive text. He chooses and arranges the creatures for
optimal visual effect.

We have been dying to carry this Collection since we opened! We have a few pieces that we think represent Pheromone well, but we can get you any of the Collection if you desire. These are special!
The ultimate in Organic Art!

Contemporary furniture is the newest addition to the Dryads line. They use beautiful reclaimed wood with authentic paint to create the patched together surfaces. The wood is planed down so it is smooth and then a coat or two of heavy matte lacquer is added. The welded steel frame makes the furniture very strong and durable. The steel is hand sanded to soften the edges and then patina to an antique bronze. Since all the metal fabrication is done in house they can make custom pieces. Choose from one of five color pallettes.

Mirrors are wonderful to throw light around and to make spaces seem to go on forever. With the antique wood and salvaged tin we use, the mirrors give a home that old world charm.

These eco-friendly offerings may not fit in the other categories but they easily fit into your home. The same salvaged bead board and antique ceiling tin contribute as the basis of these interesting home accents.

It's another growing season and my puppies are not out of the chewing stage yet. So we've added more flowers to the original bunch. These are bigger and better. Constructed out of the same materials, reclaimed barn wood and salvaged roof tin with exterior paint in bright colors. We don't want you to stop playing in the dirt but these guys will take the pressure off the green thumb. Gardens can be art and you can have garden art. These should help your gardens artistic flow

Create your own garden. Choose from iris, rose, lily, daisy, sunflower, daffodil, tulip and zinnia.

Finally! We are offering Campo de Fiori! We found this charming, fantastic, unique shop more than 10 years ago when we first moved to Columbia County. We are so happy to be able to carry these Garden Pots in our shop. They are everything we embody. Organic beauty, aged with soul, and cared for with heart. The end result, an exceptional quality piece that everyone should own.

Campo de Fiori derives it's name from a small piazza in Rome where owner, Robin Norris' mother, used to buy fresh flowers and vegetables for the family home, Palazzo di Campitelli. Literally, Campo de' Fiori means "Field of Flowers" and the combination of flowers and the elegance of classical Rome combined to inspire its current incarnation.

Terra cotta planters in the line are stored in a greenhouse for 3 months so that each piece can be shipped with live moss, enriching them with a 'growing-patina' of time.

Another stunning collection in the Botanical Series from Campo De Fiori. These exquisite tall planters are full of beautiful delightful details abound in this collection of aged terracotta Campanula planters. Plant directly in them with your favorite orchids, bulbs or grasses, or insert a glass vase and fill with beautiful cut flowers. Perfectly suited for indoors or out. Available in 3 sizes from a 12" to 18" and covered with a luscious naturally greenhouse aged moss.

New From Campo De' Fiori ! Beautifully textured, hand crafted terra cotta planter with a large dragonscale motif, covered with a luscious live moss.

Beautiful proportions and delightful detail abound in this collection of aged terracotta poppy planters. Plant them with your favorite orchids, bulbs or ferns. Perfectly suited for indoors or out. Available in 5 glorious sizes from a 5" to 14" and covered with a luscious naturally greenhouse aged moss.

Provide a permanent perch for our fine feathered friends. In two sizes, these woodland houses have ventilation holes, underneath access for cleaning, and a simple inset hook for easy hanging.

This is an awesome little jewelry line and Betsy was so sweet to us!

Jewelry from foundling incorporates recycled metals and vintage, found, or repurposed ephemera, sterling silver and resin. The pieces feel like they have a personal history--secrets and stories from the time before they became yours.

A great gift for (or from) someone sweet.

The letters are scanned from vintage children's books, reprinted archivally and preserved under a glossy coat of resin. The two pendants slide independently along a 20" sterling chain. Closes with a handmade clasp. All metal is oxidized sterling silver.

Single charms for slipping on to an old chain, adding to a charm bracelet, or wearing alone on a length of vintage ribbon.

These sweet little recycled silver charms each hold a single letter. The paper bits are scanned from vintage dictionaries, reprinted archivally and preserved under a glossy coat of resin. They are 5/8" in diameter.

Hugs and kisses!

The letters are scanned from vintage dictionaries, reprinted archivally and preserved under a glossy coat of resin. The two pendants slide independently along a 20" sterling chain. Closes with a handmade clasp. All metal is oxidized sterling silver.

For your own true love.

Bits of text are sourced from vintage books in this pretty and rustic recycled silver and resin necklace.

The two pendants slide independently along a 20" sterling chain. Closes with a handmade clasp. All metal is oxidized sterling silver.

These sweet little recycled silver necklaces each hold a snippet of vintage text. The letters will be customized to your specifications. The vintage paper bits are preserved under a glossy coat of resin in 1/4" bezels and hang from 17" chains.

And Finally!

Lamp Works manufactures hand-crafted lighting fixtures of exquisite detail. Lamp Works offers a wide range of lighting fixtures and portables, from Crystal and glass floor lamps to alabaster and resin table lamps.

This Aspen Birch Bark floor lamp with burlap shade is spectacular. We can't wait
for you to see it in person!

Aspen Birch Bark Table Lamp

One of our Favorite Vendors is Roost.
They are a great mix of Urban and Chic. Like an Old Peddler and a Williamsburg Artist.
Some of our favorite pieces have been from ROOST. Here are a few more!

The Forest Silhouette Collection by Roost

A forest silhouette comes to glowing life when lit from within. The votive is made from white unglazed porcelain. Use a tealight with the votive.

Votive: 3" dia x 3" H

Made with recycled materials, these terrariums give a whole new meaning to the concept of hanging plants. The graceful glass hangers can provide a special home to your air plants. Or, add some soil and grow a small succulent in the space. In fact, don't be surprised if all your plants want to live in one. Hang these glass bubble terrariums where they can catch the light, but not in direct sun.

Roost Utopia Bird Feeder
Borosilicate glass is mouth blown to form unique bird feeders in modern shapes. Display inside or fill with birdseed for outdoor use. Each comes with a 24″ birdseed for outdoor use. Each comes with a 24-inch length of twine for hanging.

Modeled in bronze after the most distinctive Manzanita branches, these candleholders make a lovely display or centerpiece. When lit, they offer a warm and shadowy glow. Decorate the branches with garlands, ornaments or flowers to add charm, or leave as is for a more natural effect.

About 4 years ago, we met Joy Newton at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. We thought she was crazy talented! Her Florals were magnificent!

Joy Newton is a nationally published artist who grew up immersed in the world of plants. Her father was, and still is, an avid plant collector. His background in science, combined with her mother’s love and appreciation for nature, led her to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Parsons School of Design in New York City.
Each illustration is meticulously reproduced using the finest American and European pigments available. Her extensive fine art education enables her to bring these plants to life using colors running the full range from classic earth pigments to historical mineral colors.

Fiddlehead Fern Earrings

The unfolding fronds of the fern come to life in these elegant earrings. The green hues bring forth a freshness that is perfect for both day or night.

Sterling silver, crystal, and French Wire. Earring measures 1" in Length.

Robin's Nest Earring

These lovely petite nest earrings are beautiful no matter the season. Three pretty blue eggs await mother nature's delightful purpose. Eloquently simple they are perfect with a crisp white shirt and a pair of jeans.

Chianti Sunflower Pendant

The deep mahogany color of this spectacular flower turns our hearts to the beauty of autumn.

Sterling silver and crystal with a cultured pearl accent. Pendant measures 30mm in diameter with 16" oxidized sterling chain

Kousa Dogwood Pendant

The soft creamy pink petals of the dogwood are perfectly framed on this stunning pendant. A graceful fit for a day in the park or a night on the town.

Fiddlehead Fern Button Bracelet

This stunning fern bracelet is as fresh as a woodland garden. Charming fiddleheads and leafy fronds make a fresh yet timeless piece. Sure to please all who enjoy a walk in the woods.

Vintage, new and recycled buttons adorned with our design, Czech glass beads in olivine, smokey crystal with a silver bumblebee accent. Sterling silver toggle clasp. Handmade in our studio.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Children's Books!

Check out the newest addition to our Bookshelves!

Seymour Simon has brought us 4 beautiful books that he has signed just for you!

We are thrilled to add these wonderful and educational books to our shelves. This is only a sampling of the many books that Seymour has to offer. His work is also available for your ipad or iphone.

Can't wait to hear what you think!

Seymour Simon, whom the NY Times called “the dean of children’s science writers,” is the author of more than 250 highly acclaimed science books (many of which have been named Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children by the National Science Teachers Association). His books encourage children to enjoy the world around them through learning and discovery, and by making science fun. He has introduced tens of millions of children to a staggering array of subjects, and has a website ( that is chock full of information and free resources for kids, educators and families.

These four books are part of Seymour Simon's photo-essay series which is co-branded with the Smithsonian Institution, giving them a special seal of approval from a leading U.S. authority on science and education. Simon's Smithsonian series won the Mom's Choice Gold Award for exceptional content for children in 2010.

Seymour Simon has been honored with many awards for his work, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science/Subaru Lifetime Achievement Award for his lasting contribution to children’s science literature, the Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for young people, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Forum on Children’s Science Books.

Simon taught science and creative writing in elementary and secondary schools and was chair of the science department at a junior high school in the New York City public school system before leaving to become a full-time writer. “I haven’t really given up teaching,” he says, “and I suppose I never will, not as long as I keep writing and talking to kids around the country and the world.”

Seymour Simon writes and photographs nature from his weekend/summer home in Copake Lake.