Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Beginning...Passiflora is Located in Hillsdale, Upstate New York.

Well...we thought the best way to start this was at the beginning.
Here are some photos of the space the very first time we looked at it. At this point, we hadn't quite made the decision to go forward.

It's the beginning of January and we looked at a very small place that used to be a Tattoo Parlor. Small we wanted, but the amount of work we thought we were going to have do to make it what we wanted far exceeded what we thought we could handle. Fortunately for us the Building right next door was for rent, so we called!

This is what we saw!

Looks great from the outside!

The inside we had to wait a week to see. We called right away. It was close to our Budget but from what we could see through the Windows, it needed quite a bit of work.

Here are a few pics of the inside!

So...not bad! Lots of light! Great ideas already spinning in our heads. Are we going to do this? Obviously, yes!

This is really going to happen!

It's a good thing because the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) is in a week!!!

This has been an unbelievable windfall. We've found a beautiful place! Great energy! Now we are beside ourselves! Are we really going to do this? It is a terrible time. People are losing their homes right and left and we are going to spend every penny we have, and then some, on a Dream!!

We signed the lease! Now what!

Having never done something like this, we looked to our Friend Mo, who owns an amazing shop in NY called "Scentelate"! Ken and I LOVE his shop! So Warm and full of Spirit and Love!
Mo gives us some idea of what to expect at the Javitz Center!


Ken and Kevin signing off from Passiflora, Hillsdale in Upstate New York!


  1. You two! Always up to something wonderful! I am so impressed. I will be in your area this winter and will stop by your shop.
    Paul Rummell

  2. Thanks, Paul! You are always so supportive! Can't wait to see you!!