Monday, December 14, 2009

Rebecca and James Bridal Registry!

Our First Bride and Groom!

Of course we all need mixers, frying pans, and bath towels but there are actually no rules when it comes to registering, so we are thrilled that we can offer things that are unique and special!

is a treasure trove of exceptional pieces from home and abroad selected for their individuality and affordability. An eclectic mix of all things contemporary, quirky, and chic. We are brimming with great stuff - stuff to give, stuff to keep, stuff for Home and Garden, Mind and Body, Spirit and Soul, stuff you'll fall in love with!

Reinvent your Registry by choosing gifts that fit your lifestyle.

Rebecca and James have chosen some Beautiful pieces that We know they will Love and Treasure always!

Here are the Items that Rebecca and James have chosen from our Shop! If there are any Questions, please do not hesitate to call!

Product Code: 3047

Only LAMPE BERGER can offer you this for improved well-being. Much more than simply fragrancing, LAMPE BERGER’s unique expertise cleans the air by eliminating undesirable odours in the home. The air is then scented with your chosen Home Fragrance. Play with the collection and mix lamps and fragrances, to enjoy a cleaner and fragranced air in the home.

Porcelain - Volume : 320 ml
Price : $98.00

Grapefruit Passion
Product Code: 215007

A blend of fresh and juicy grapefruit slices and zesty layers of a citrus complex, this new LAMPE BERGER fragrance exudes all the savor of the natural fruit and the vivid yellow of exotic citrus groves.

Intended for use as fuel for Lampe Berger only. Not for use in other lamps or for any other purpose.

SCENT METER: On a scale of 1 (light) to 5 (strong), we'd rate this scent a 3 (though your experience may markedly differ).

Lampe Berger Strength 3

Parfums de Maison 500ml/16.9oz - Composition : Parfums, aqua, isopropyl alcohol

Price : $20.00

Green Chai

A delicate refreshing harmony combining Green Tea leaves with slight notes of citrus fruit thanks to Sicilian Bergamot and Californian Grapefruit. Tarragon for green notes, rounded off with nuances of Pink Pepper, delicately surround the main body. Moss and musk create the deep, warmer notes. A light blend of green tea, citrus and delicate spices.

Intended for use as fuel for Lampe Berger only. Not for use in other lamps or for any other purpose.

SCENT METER: On a scale of 1 (light) to 5 (strong), we'd rate this scent a 2 (though your experience may markedly differ).

Lampe Berger Strength 2

Parfums de Maison-500ml/16.9oz - Composition : Parfums, aqua, isopropyl alcohol

Price : $20.00

Fringe Studio Woods Mercury Glass Lamp

Fringe Studio Woods Round Lamp is 25" high from base to top of shade. Elegant mercury glass shows off a vintage woodland photo. Comes with a natural linen shade and a clear ball finial. UL approved.

Price : $280.00

Lily Owl Vase
Product Code: 414022

This unique glass vase is adorned with traditional patterns and a single owl resting against the vase's translucent sides. Designs are printed on Fringe Studio's glassware pieces by method of transfer and kiln firing directly to the glass. The result is a beautiful and stunning 3D effect.

* Size: 8"H x 6"W x 2.5"D
* Imported

Price : $40.00

These scrumptious accent pillows are made of 100% linen and boast an amazing color palette which focuses on softer colors.

Each pillow is individually hand silk-screened in their exclusive patterns and colors by expert silk-screen printers. Feather insert and hidden zipper closure.

Price : $85.00 (Requesting 2)

The full bodied aroma of Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffusers will fill your home with a lingering bouquet. Blended with the finest fragrance oils, this concentrated aromatic fragrance diffuser will last for months. Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffusers come in their own beautiful gift box. Enjoy the gentle, long-lasting fragrance.

Votivo Clean Crisp White - clean, fresh scent of crisp white linen

Votivo Clean Crisp White - Indescribably complex yet simply by nature, Votivo Clean Crisp White defines the scent of our memories and a lifestyle worth wishing for: sun dried white sheets billowing in the crisp springtime morning, uncontrollable giggles as freshly bathed little bodies run thru the house, and an overwhelming aroma of nothing but clean. Ahh… the simple luxuries of life.

Price : $50.00

This beautiful collection is born out of an international feltmaking relationship between Hansard Welsh Design 2 and a feltmaking workshop in Nepal. Together both parties have worked to create high-quality, unique pieces of decorative and functional art. Each piece is handmade and uniquely individual.

Handmade felt is durable and easily cleaned.
Simply dry clean or dab the stain with a wet, slightly soapy washcloth and air dry.

Price : $43.00 each (1 Purple and 1 Green Requested)

This Beautiful Floral embellished-Rustic Heirloom Rose Vintage Doorknob is adorned with a metal flower, hand-aged and painted to provide a rustic feel to your dining area. Excellent showcase for that special bottle, and will also make a dynamic centerpiece for your table.

Price : $32.00 each

Butterflies Set of Four Coasters by Fringe Studios

Butterfly coaster set by Fringe. Beautiful butterflly fabric incased in beveled glass with cork backing. Elegant beading adds to the vintage look. Set of 4 comes in gift box. Damp wipe to clean.

* Glass/linen/cork
* Hand wash
* 4" in diameter

Price : $50.00

Antica Photo Frame

This gorgeous glass picture frames feature beautiful flowers and elegant prints around the borders. The elegant glass construction is beautiful, with metal borders and raised glass around the edges. Made by Fringe Studio, these photo frames add a touch of beauty to any space and are sure to be appreciated as a special gift. These hold a 5"x7" or a 4"x6" photo.

Price : 5x7-$42.00

Aluminum 1 Pint Ice Cream Cozies

What a great Gift! Can't you just picture the Rebecca and James sitting down together and having their favorite ice cream together? These aluminum ice cream Containers hold your favorite Pint of Ice Cream, keeping it cold to the last bite!

Price : 1 Pair-$35.00

Aluminum Cabbage Leaf Serving Dish

Beautiful Detail on this Serving Tray! Measuring 12" Round, it's the Perfect size. Can be used for Hot Appetizers or Cold Salads. You will treasure this piece! It is Lovely!

Price : $40.00

Felt Napkin Rings

Handmade in Nepal. These wonderful White Peony Felt Napkin Rings will add an Elegant and Artistic touch to your Table. Beautifully made, you have these for years to come.

Price : Set of 8-$100.00

Aluminum Sparrow Bowl and Tray

These are a wonderful addition to any table. What a beautiful to add Sparkle to your Tabletop. These Sparrow Serving Dishes are so Charming, your Friends will be asking where you got them! You can tell them or not! We hope you do!

Price : Rectangular Tray-$35.00

Woods Candle

Treat yourself to a breath of fresh Aspen air every day. Mercury glass container.

21-ounce candle, 85 plus hours burn time. 4" diameter. Mercury glass style. Arrives beautifully packaged in gift box.

Price : $40.00

Suzi Matthews

Numeralisms: Works in Numbers

These pieces represent a continuation of the work Suzy calls "numeralisms." She has now created close to 100 numeralism collages, in which She cuts numbers out of their original context and glues them into new sequences.But as She follows the numbers where they lead her, She keeps discovering new orders to explore.

The 2 Pieces that Rebecca and James haves chosen are in shades of White. Beautiful Complimentary Pieces, they measure 8"x8". The Perfect way to get their Art Collection started.

Price : $195 each

Buddha Hot Pad (Set of 2)

This colorful pot holder set will add a touch of happiness to your kitchen. The stylish set is made of soft, absorbent 100% cotton fabric with an embroidered Buddha face on 1 of the pot holders. The 2-pc. set comes in all assorted different color combinations (red, orange, green, purple, pink or floral patterns). The potholders have hanging hooks and are machine washable. Net proceeds from the purchase of this gift fund primary healthcare and community education through Himalayan HealthCare. Since 2002 the sale of gift items produced at The SPIRAL Foundation Workshop in Kathmandu has helped fund the construction and the running costs of Ilam Clinic, Ilam, Nepal.

Price : $16.00

La Chamba Cookware is made from black micaceous clay found only in central Colombia. Each piece of cookware is made by hand. After each piece is made it it coated with a fine red clay. After firing the red hot pieces are covered with rice husks and smoked. This part of the process is what changes the color from red to black. Small imperfections in the finish and flecks of minerals (mica) in the clay are due to the handmade process. The mica gives the cookware the ability to heat evenly and not crack under temperature changes.

This Oval Platter Measures 14.5"x10". La Chamba dinnerware is perfect from the stove to the table. Perfect for Grilling Vegetables! Perfect for Casseroles in the cold winter months!

Price : $35.00

As our Inventory is ever changing, we would also like to recommend our Gift Certificate in any Value You may Choose. There is nothing like the Unique Shopping experience that we offer, and giving Rebecca and James a chance to choose from the exciting new pieces that you may not see on their List or on our site, will add to the Value of this Gift!

If you decide to purchase any of these items for Our Bride and Groom, Please call us at (518)325-6559, so that we can assist you. Our Website is not set up to seperate General Orders from Registry Orders at this time, and will be shipped as a normal Purchase if you do not Place the Order by Phone. This way we can check items off of the list. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Happy Holidays from Ken and Kevin!

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