Sunday, January 17, 2010

UNO is interactive jewelry comprised of a ball chain and magnet. It becomes a mutable object forming a necklace, ring, bracelet, anklet, belt, or anything else imagined. The simplest interactivity becomes an almost compulsive play. We LOVE this Product! We have done so well with them. We wear them ourselves and we have so much fun sending them home with excited customers! They are fun to wear and they make amazing gifts for every age!

UNO is all about your identity.

UNO is all about your imagination.

UNO is about everyone.

Just 5 years ago, Louis Pons was farming and tending to his cows in his homeland, Venezuela's Amazon jungle. Today he heads and established multidisciplinary design firm (Louis Pons d-lab) based in Miami. His work is known for it's imaginative, yet elegant nature combining less serious aspects in a sophisticated manner. Louis is on a constant journey to create design that captivates the human curiosity. Pons credits his whimsical design instincts to his daughter, who he calls "his biggest inspiration". Uno is one result of his search to develop innovative systems that create endless possibilities.

Give one to spread positive energy!

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