Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 2 of the NYIGF! Day 2 was so much fun! We had the chance to see more of our Friends that have been a part of Passiflora and some Friends that we have finally been able to bring into the Family!

I want to start with a couple of our Favorite finds! First is Dolan Geiman. Such a Talented Artist and so nice and really made it easy for us to be able to bring his art to Passiflora.

Since childhood, Dolan Geiman has been building an archive of found materials that inspire his mixed media artworks on a daily basis. His Chicago studio has come to resemble a life-size cabinet of Southern curiosities, not too dissimilar from the abandoned homesteads of his native Virginia where he has collected, or rescued, many treasures. Scraps from old textbooks and nature magazines, handwritten civil war love letters, metal ornaments, wooden nickels and other discarded ephemera find their way into his work; each item stirs nostalgia for a not-too-distant, more rural time and place Geiman identifies as home.

Dolan Geiman Original Mixed Media Collections are limited-edition and ongoing mixed media series. Each mixed media work is handmade and unique, featuring a slightly different composition for each member of the collection.

Virginia Den Collection

Trilliums Collection

Tell me this isn't the most perfect Art for Passiflora! You are crazy talented Dolan! Thanks for letting us be a part of your experience.

Next is Jill Schwartz! We LOVE Jill! We love her jewelry too!

Elements, Jill Schwartz earrings are artfully handcrafted, and wonderfully balanced collage and assemblage jewelry.

The jewelry that Elements Jill Schwartz designs, are a natural synthesis of her training as a graphic and interior designer.

They incorporate her love and knowledge of ancient and ethnic arts.
We can't wait to see them in our Shop!

And finally we met Lily and her Brother Jordan. They had such a great Booth!

It was clear that they were talented and creative and that they had heart and passion.

We had so much respect for Lily in the first few moments that we met her. If you believe in Energy in Objects, then these will possess incredible, positive, loving waves of it!

Lily's fascination with clay comes not only from its earthy gritty characteristics, but also from its contrasting beauty and simplicity. She has uniquely combined these elements to design and create her dream come true, Lily Pottery.

Each piece in her collection is a wearable, handcrafted work of art. The beauty of her art is how the combination of the clay glaze and firing process ensure exclusive individuality of each piece.

Her passion and goal is to design an original, fashionable line of jewelry that is aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to wear.

She has!
Great to meet you Both!


  1. I am reaaalllllly digging Dolan's art work, you guys. Tell me more about him?

    Betsy xo

  2. Yes! He is so amazing! Check out this link. It's the most real and up close we could find.

  3. Wow! I really love the jewelry! It's beautiful I could use some in my closet, especially the bracelet! Congrats on finding two amazing artists!