Friday, December 30, 2011

How to tie a scarf!

With all of the scarf purchases this Season, we thought it might be nice to post 
a few ways to help you enjoy your scarf and learn 
some new ways to wear it!

Check out this video!  Beautifully shot and so informative! 

Who doesn't LOVE a great scarf!
1. Asymmetric scarf knot
asymmetric scarf knot
a. Wrap scarves around your neck and two ends cross each other. The left end is above the right one.
b.The right end goes through the interval following the arrow direction.
Tip: This scarf knot gives you a rebellion spirit. Try and see how cool it is.

2. Symmetric scarf knot
balance scarf knot
a. Wrap the scarf around your neck and cross each other to make a knot.
b. Wrap the longer end around the neck and go through the interspace as in figure.

3. Necktie scarf knot
necktie scarf knot
a. Wrap scarves around the neck and put the right end above the left.
b. Take the right end and wrap the left end with a full round.
c. Put the right end through the loop as in figure.
Tip: If not sure how to wear scarves with this knot, ask your husband or your friends how to tie a necktie. This scarf knot is good for a thinner scarf, such as silk scarves, either big square silk scarves or small square silk scarves.

4. Small butterfly scarf knot
small butterfly scarf knot
1. wrap around the neck in a loop and make a knot with crossing each other.
2. Make an adjustment for the previous knot and make the second knot as in the picture.

Tip: This way is very easy and time saving. Try and make yourself more beautiful.

Here are a few more ideas that we found in our search for the perfect knot!

Have fun! Play!  You will find a style you LOVE!


  1. I enjoyed the visit to your blog. Great posts. I have added myself as a follower.

  2. Thank you for this! I am posting to my friends at Women at Risk, International - - they sell scarves hand-made by women who are at risk of - or have been rescued from - human trafficking!

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  4. love it!! i'll try with my new Comtesse Sofia scarf ( cheers :)

    1. actually, there is a tutorial on how to wear CS scarves, did you see it?

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