Monday, August 19, 2013


This week Ken and I are at the 
NY Now Gift Show in New York.

We are doing double Duty!   Not only are we Shopping for Passiflora and Village Scoop, but we are also helping Jeevankala set up their Booth and manning it throughout the show.

Here are a few pics of the setup of the Booth and final pics.

There are also some pics of several New items that we will be getting over the next few weeks!

I wish we had taken some great pics of the Beautiful Black drapes and charcoal carpeting.  Not to mention the aisles full of crates and garbage!

Ken is labeling and pricing the Handicrafts.

Maybe we should put the shelf here! It's better than the last three places! Ha!

At least it's unpacked and the Bones are in place.

Committed to a shelf or two!

liking the front corner!

So much more to do!

Another angle.

Top Shelf!


Tree looks good!

So Close!


Another Angle

2 Days!  Still making adjustments.

Ready for the show!

Love the Lama Bag!

Set of 3 toiletry bags!  Made so well.  Lined and Piped.  

New Rubber Bags!  Change Purses and a great new shape CF!

Love these beautiful Crafts!

Great recycled Rubber Tyre Tube Bags!

Our Featured Karuwa Vase!

These Mirrors are fantastic!

The Silver items are made by exposing the inside of the Snack Wrapper!

Our Birdhouses are Flying!  This is our Extra Large Mirror!  24 inches and gorgeous!

Our Extra Large Hamper and more Tyre Tube Bags!

Our Tree turned out soooo great!

Ornaments are doing fantastic!

We used one of the Ethnic Dolls made from Corn Husks as a Tree Topper!

Still looks good!

Come on Retailers!



Front Shelf!


Booth Looks really Great this Year!  We are doing really well!

Our Rice Bags and Toiletry Kits!

I should clean these mirrors!

Silver looking Great!


Bowls look amazing!



Some fun shots for color!

And Pattern!


Some great shots of the TREE!

This sweet little mirror is a Must!

Rice Bags!

And more sizes!

Napkin Set!

Setting up the Monitor!  Thanks, Tim!


This is ROXY!  Not so happy with us these days! 

Our Elephant that we can't wait to get back for the Hillsdale Arts Festival!!!

He's a Cutie!

Toiletry Kits!

Lama Bag!  Love it in the bright colors!

Govino!  So great!  Can't wait to get these at Passiflora Home!


And here is our display at Sustainability!

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