Sunday, July 18, 2010

OLD ROUTE 22 DOG RUN...It's Open this weekend!

Well, it took a bit longer than anticipated but the
Old Route 22 Community Dog Run at Roeliff Jansen Park
will be open for our dog friends this weekend with a little opening get together on Sunday.

Please join us this
Sunday ( July 18th )
at 10AM
for the "Doggies and Doughnuts" (soft opening)
of Columbia County's newest (and only) community dog run.

It has been over a year since we began our campaign for the dog run. Through the
generosity of community dog lovers, through the energy and support of the Roeliff Jansen Park
Steering Committee, volunteers and donors, it came to be! let's have some fun! Woof!

A few details about the dog run:

1 - Location -It is located south of the park entrance, parallel to Route 22...almost across from the new library.

2 - Parking -all visitors to the park and the dog run must use the main parking lot at the park entrance area.

3 - Water - we hope eventually to be able to offer running water for the dog run but it is not ready as yet ...
so be sure to bring water for your dog.

4 - Small Friends Area - we have constructed a separate area at the front of the run for small dogs and puppies.
Dogs over 25 pounds are not permitted to use the area.

5 - Poop Policy - Two poop stations are provided in the dog run and one in the main parking lot. It is essential that visitors pick up after their dogs and deposit waste in the receptacles. Poop trash bags will be provided while they is always good to have a back up.

6 - Shade...there is lots of wonderful shade and we have provided a few sitting areas.

7 - Reminder/Leashes - Dogs must be on the leash outside the dog run at all times.

8 - Gates...there are double gates to get into the dog sure to always to close the gates behind you.

9 - Volunteer Dog Run - This is a volunteer dog run and help in any way would be most appreciated, including help with poop bag removal. To become a volunteer write to us

If WE ALL cooperate, we will ENJOY a healthy, safe environment.


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