Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Q was the name Mitch and Seth made up for their lighting company in 1988. Yep. Lighting. Seth says, "We were headed to the annual world's largest lighting show in Milan and we needed business cards." Blue Q was hatched in a few minutes.

We never made lights, we made cardboard cats. So....that's it! "Blue Q" means nothing! Turned out to be a good thing considering all the products we have made and sold over the years.

Everything is made very Carefully and thoughtfully. And with the VERY BEST QUALITY

(you'll notice that sentiment is on everything we make). Look, we all know that there is an unethical way to manufacture a water bottle, to sew a bag. We don't do that. We couldn't. We have a beautiful and long history with manufacturing our goods the right way.

So if you ever had any questions about our factory standards overseas, environmentally responsible manufacturing, the way we look at employees, labor practices and wages you can rest assured that it is the Very Best Quality. We don't compromise when manufacturing something that is affordable and desirable. We just want you to be happy.

We do everything for you.



The iconic sign, redesigned by Aesthetic Apparatus. 9.5"w x 7.25"h. 95% recycled post consumer material has a crushed, wrinkled look when sewn into Zipper Pouches. This is normal for the high recycled content. We love the earth.

Silkscreened eye-candy made possible only by the very good gentlemen of Aesthetic Apparatus. Made of 95% post consumer recycled material. 27.5" w x 13.75" h.

From the magical winged archives of Roy Fox. Made with 95% post consumer recycled material, a roomy exterior pocket and shoulder length straps

You are so toasted. Art by 64 Colors. 9.5"w x 7.25"h. 95% recycled post consumer material has a crushed, wrinkled look when sewn. It's all normal for the high recycled content. Feels good to be so good.

Why use that fake evil corporate soap "stuff" when our real handmade olive oil soap feels so good? Literally bursting with freshness, ultra moisturizing and mild, scented with real essential oils the way Mother Nature intended. Featuring cold pressed olive oil, wild and organic herbs, only safe natural ingredients and sustainable business practices ... we make it easy to be clean & green!

Passionflower relieves anxiety as it calms frayed nerves, while organic oat flour soothes and softens your skin. A relaxing ylang ylang essential oil blend completes the spell.

Wild Weeds Soap is filled with soothing cucumber essential oil, organic aloe vera, French green clay, and skin-loving wild chickweed & plantain. . . used for centuries to treat all sorts of skin problems. The fresh green scent is light and uplifting. Available in a body balm too!

Scented with a fir needle essential oil blend and scattered with ground cedarwood, this scrubby textured bar is sure to please the outdoor lover with its fresh forest scent. Some consider this a guy soap, but plenty of women love it too!

Exfoliating wild mesquite bean meal and skin soothing oatmeal enrich this scrubby tan bar scented with a warm and earthy patchouli essential oil blend.

Our mesquite beans are sustainably harvested in rural areas of Mexico where economic options are few, pairing the conservation of native mesquite woodlands with economic prosperity for the locals.

Experience you can trust.

This is a wild soap bar.

We're absolutely positive you'll love our natural soap!!!

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