Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We've added 2 new bio-fuel fireplaces!

Our Current bio-fuel fireplaces are fantastic! We have had no issues with them and they have done very well for us! Planika still has our favorite designs! They are way ahead of the pack when it comes to color and form. We LOVE them!

The reason we have added a few more fireplaces from a new line is purely based on size. That translates into cost as well. We have had so many requests for smaller fireplaces that we felt the need to source them out! Until now, we didn't know they existed!

This is the Capri!

It is perfect for tabletop! We have had a lot of requests for a Bathroom size fireplace. This is it! Low profile and High Design.


This one is Torino!

We have not carried a rectangular version. These Fireplaces will burn for 8 solid hours with a full vessel. That is almost 4 times as long as our current Fireplaces.


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